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Computer Repair

Computer Repair

We do Computer and Laptop Repair for all brands of Laptop and Desktop computers. 

Most common repairs include LCD display replacement, Logic Board repairs, Hard Drive and hard drive cable replacement, RAM upgrade, SSD upgrades, battery replacements, keyboard replacement and track pad replacement.

We repair water damage on Laptops. We manage to salvage most water damaged Laptops with about 2-3 hours of labor and the cost of replacement parts. Most water damaged Laptops do not require motherboard replacement.

Are you worried about Laptop broken screen repair cost? Ask us about second hand screen and refurbished screen options. We have a range of fully functional  used laptop displays at lower prices. Alternatively, we can replace the cracked Laptop LCD in the display assembly of MacBook instead of replacing the whole display, making it more cost affective.
We replace Laptop LCDs in all models of Laptops. We stock LCD for most laptop screens.

All models are different but can be easily identified by the serial number and model number of your device.

We buy damaged devices – Dead or Alive. If the device is too damaged or too old for us to buy, we will recycle it for you.

Sell your MacBook to us

Apple MacBook is by far the most common model of laptop we repair but we are seeing more and more HP, DELL and Asus Laptops. Microsoft Surface Battery replacements are very common repair too. We see Surface as a very good alternative to iPad Pro and hence very popular with business people.

Computer Repair in Wellington:

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