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Get an estimate of your MacBook resale value today! 

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    Do you know the password for the MacBook?

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    How Does The Process Work

    1. Fill in the form and receive a price estimate. The estimate will be emailed to email address you provide. The MacBook resale value is determined based on your MacBook model, specifications and overall Mac cosmetic condition. If your MacBook does not turn on, don’t worry, we buy Macs dead or alive.

    2. Send us your MacBook. If your are happy with the price estimate, reply to our email and we will send the courier to pick your MacBook up from your location. The details of the courier pickup will be confirmed via email. You can chose to have the MacBook picked up from your home, workplace or you can chose to courier or even drop your Mac off to us yourself.

    3. Pay Day! After we receive your MacBook and confirm that the condition matches your description, we will pay the agreed amount to your bank account. At this stage we will require one photo ID as a proof of your identity.


    Payments usually take one to two days to process from the time we receive your Phone.

    We recommend that you erase the MacBook to the factory settings. If you are not able to or would rather we do it, no problem.

    Your data is 100% safe with us. We will erase all the data unless you erase it before sending. 

    If you have forgotten the MacBook password, we can still buy your Mac if you know the password for the iCloud account set on the MacBook. 

    The easies way to find out the model number is to read it from the bottom lid of your MacBook. It starts with A and is followed by four digits. Something like A1932 or A2179

    To find the storage capacity, Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen > About This Mac > Storage

    Your MacBook gets erased, refurbished and sold to another happy Mac user.

    Easy Way to Sell Your MacBook!



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