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We repair all manner of personal devices like wireless Bluetooth Headphones, ear buds, game consoles, hearing aids and more.

Our friendly staff offer one on one Support Services for device users too. We can help with common things people may struggle with when using mobile phones and computers and some tips on how to overcome these challenges. 

Headphone Repair

We do Wireless Bluetooth Headphone and Wired Headphone Repairs.

The most common brands of headphones we repair are Beats and Sony such as XM4

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Game Console Repair

Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch just to name the most popular ones. We do all repairs, including power and logic board fixes, battery replacements for the Nintendo Switch.
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GPU Repairs

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) card problems can manifest in various ways and can be caused by a range of factors. 

It’s important to note that diagnosing and troubleshooting GPU card problems can sometimes be complex. If you encounter persistent issues with your GPU, bring it to us to diagnose and offer the GPU Repair Options. 
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Drone Repair

Charging problems, drone not connecting to controller, damaged connectors, liquid damaged parts due to accidental water landing and more. Bring your drone in for us to diagnose. We are going to repair your drone to the point where you can fly it and test the functionality. We do not fly drones in our workshop for safety reasons.

Data Recovery

We can repair most faults in laptops phones and computers but if the fault is not economical to repair, we offer data recovery service. We can recover the data from the faulty device onto the new device or backup medium such as external storage.

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Insurance Quotes

If you damage your device by accident, say for example, you drop your phone or spill water on your Laptop, you might be able to claim your contents insurance for the repair and damage assessment. 
Bring your damaged device to us to prepare a quote you can then send to your insurance for approval. 

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