General Repair Policy

If Device Guy proceeds with a repair as per direct communications with you (the customer), you will be liable for paying for the service in full and/or the minimum service charge.
Invoices are payable before collection or before goods are sent back via courier.
In the event that you cannot be contacted after 30 days from service completion and/or assessment, Device Repair Guy will reserve the right to discard your device.
Any charges owing by you under these Terms & Conditions may be billed directly to your account.
Device Repair Guy will not be held liable for devices lost or damaged in transit by courier.
Device Repair Guy will not be liable for any data loss occurring during the repair of your device.
The Apple Guy will not be held responsible for any damage to the item you have left with them.
Not all repairs/unlocking/data recovery can be successful.

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CCTV Use Policy

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