MacBook Repair in Wellington

We service all models MacBook computers. Most common repairs include display replacement, Logic Board repairs, Keyboard issues, Liquid Damage Treatment, SSD upgrades, Battery replacements and track pad replacement.

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We repair liquid damage on MacBooks. We manage to salvage most water damaged MacBooks with about 2-3 hours of labor and the cost of replacement parts. Our process is to take the MacBook apart, remove all the components, perform a clean with isopropyl alcohol and clean the logic board with ultrasonic cleaner. After the MacBook is reassembled, we establish if any parts need replacing or repairing.

Are you worried about MacBook screen repair cost? We have quality second hand MacBook screen options. We grade them A and B depending on condition.

All models of MacBook are different so the quotes for the repair and diagnostics vary. The serial number or MacBook model number help us determine exact model you have.

We buy damaged MacBooks – Dead or Alive. If the MacBook is too damaged or too old for us to buy, we will recycle it for you.


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MacBook Repair in Wellington:

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