PS5 Repair

PS5 diagnostic and repair!

Plugging it in and turning it on, front lights lit up, beeped, no image. Controller is getting power from all the USB ports so 5v isn’t an issue. HDMI port felt loose but didn’t have any bent or folded pins on the front side.

Swapped HDMI cable and monitor inputs, still no display. Closer inspection showed HDMI port recessed and at an angle probably from rough insertion or having weight on the port for long enough time.


Removing the face plates, disk drive, disconnecting the LEDS, wifi antennae, back plate, and heatsink get us to the mainboard which has the HDMI port attached. On closer inspection some pins are severed and are not connected any more.  USB and ethernet are in perfect condition which is nice. The liquid metal and thermal putty however will need replacing.

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