Asus Rog Strix GPU Repair

Another GPU repair job on the desk; we love them!

This time it’s Asus Rog Strix RTX3070 Gaming GPU. These units a worth some money so definitely worth repairing if at all possible.

No power. Our finding so far is that one or more of the mosfet transistors has shorted and tripped safety GPU voltage MP2888 controller.

voltage controller

Good news, it’s probably not the GPU chip itself so repairable, bad news, we don’t know which on as controller cuts off power supply to mosfets so we can’t see which one is heating up.

GPU Board view

Preliminary analysis of circuit indicates that two mosfets out of 14 are linked together and the rest 12 out of 14 in another group. Unfortunately for us, the bad one(s) are in the big group… Taking them one by one to see which one failed is possible but a big and risky job. There is another way.

Disabling MP2888 and supplying regulated current to the circuit will let us see quickly which mosfets heat up.

Check out the video for progress. In short, when power is supplied to the board (make sure it’s limited as the short will draw a lot and make damage otherwise), very quickly, you can see temperature raise on two components, one mosfet and one IC. These are the faulty components that need to be replaced. Troubleshooting done, now it’s up to the customer to decide if they wish us to go ahead and repair.



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