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Steam Deck view

Valve Steam Deck Repair

We received a Steam Deck with power issues. Luckily for this customer, it was a simple fix. The charging USC-c port was damaged preventing proper charging of the device. Charging ports on devices like the Steam Deck can get damaged due to various reasons, including: Physical damage: Accidental drops or impacts can cause the charging

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Dusty laptop

Is This Your Laptop?

We see so many of these, MacBook, iMac and PC alike. Dust or pet hair lives in most peoples laptops. Gaming PCs with water cooled GPUs are particularly notorious when it comes to dust buildup. Is it bad? Yes it is, dust accumulation within laptops can significantly increase the likelihood of hardware failure due to

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Asus Rog Strix GPU Repair

Another GPU repair job on the desk; we love them! This time it’s Asus Rog Strix RTX3070 Gaming GPU. These units a worth some money so definitely worth repairing if at all possible. No power. Our finding so far is that one or more of the mosfet transistors has shorted and tripped safety GPU voltage

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Phantom 4

Phantom 4 Drone Repair

Like any piece of technology, the Phantom 4 drone, and drones in general, can experience various issues or problems. Common challenges that users might encounter include: GPS Signal Issues: Drones heavily rely on GPS signals for navigation. Poor GPS connectivity or interference can lead to problems with accurate positioning and navigation. Calibration Problems: Some users

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27-inch imac

iMac display backlight repair

Interesting, lesser spotted problem with 2019 27-inch iMac. iMac boots but there is no backlight on the display. The display image can bee seen under certain viewing angle. After testing the device with a new display it is obvious the issue lies with the logic board rather than with the display. On 2019 27-inch iMac

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Screen Protector

Screen Protectors

We stock protectors for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Motorola and literally any other model smart phone or even watch and game console. We have the machine that cuts protectors to measure based on a database with virtually any phone available. The best screen protector for a mobile phone can depend on your

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Sell us your iPhone

iPhone Buy-back

We are buying iPhones from customers. iPhones in any condition are considered. If the iPhone is too old for us to buy, we recycle them for free. The process for buy-back is simple, you can get the online quote and complete online phone buyback process or you can come directly to our store in Wellington

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One Charger to Charge Them All

At last, we are very excited about the new stock arrival. These new universal compact chargers are designed to charge all your mobile devices. No more separate chargers for each device! These work with Apple devices like iPhones and MacBooks and most other brands like Samsung, HP, Huawei… Universal USB-C laptop and phone chargers are

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Recycle Mac

Buyback of Apple Devices

Depending on the age of the device, we pay money for iPhone and MacBook in any condition. If the device is too old for us to buy, we will recycle it free of charge. Trading in your Apple iPhone or MacBook can be a good option for several reasons: Financial Benefit: When you trade in

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LB Repair

MacBook Logic Board Repair

This laptop repair job was for liquid damaged MacBook Pro 15″ A1990. This customer’s MacBook needed a logic board repair as it sustained liquid damage. Technician replaced damaged components on the logic board. The repair took a while but the result is cheaper than buying equivalent second hand laptop.

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Airpod Max repair

AirPod Max Repair

We repaired Apple AirPod Max Headphones for a customer. These are not your average headphones! The customer dropped the headphones which made one side stop working. After opening the headphones we identified the lost connection. After reassembly, both side of the headphones worked perfectly. Call us if you have trouble with your headphones.

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